The Hullabaloo

Holly has published health articles as the health columnist to The Tulane Hullabaloo, Tulane’s student newspaper. Check out articles below!

3/2/2011 Bed bug infestations are increased travel nuisance

6/1/2011 Keeping an eye out for depression

9/16/2011 Hookah

9/30/2011 Tattoo Safety

10/7/2011 The “Michael Jackson Drug”

10/28/2011 Proper Care of Contact Lenses Shouldn’t be an Afterthought

12/2/2011 Men’s Health Worth Discussing

12/9/2011 Yoga can help take the stress out of the holiday season

2/3/2012 Vegetarianism can be a good option, but it takes some planning

2/16/2012 Whitney Houstons death draws attention to dangerous drug combinations

3/2/2012 Eating disorders affect an alarming number of college students

3/23/2012 Energy drinks offer more crash than productivity

4/13/2012 Understanding the new FDA warning on popular birth control pills

6/14/2012 Melanoma Rates Skyrocket

7/24/12 New drug trend comes in form of bath salts

10/5/12 Health risks associated with binge drinking outweigh social benefits

10/13/12 LGBT environment affects mental health

10/25/12 Abnormal sleep patterns lead to greater issues

11/8/2012 Synthetic drugs and their negative side effects present lethal danger

11/29/12 Know the difference between anxiety and a mental disorder

12/6/12 Marijuana use leads to negative side effects

1/31/2013 The anatomy of a breakup: biology behind the heartbreak








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