Gen Y

Welcome to Holly on Health!! My name is Holly Peek and I’m a fourth year medical student studying disease, treatment, and patient care at one of the best medical schools in the country. I have constant access to some of the best physicians, hospitals, and clinics.  So if I ever have a medical question or a health concern, I know exactly what to do….google it.


Not because I really consider Wikipedia to be the guru on all major health issues.

But it’s because I am part of Generation Y and that’s what we do!  If we are looking for an answer to a medical, health, or healthcare question, we will turn first to the tools that we use in every other aspect of our lives: Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

And I see absolutely nothing wrong with that! The internet, media, and social networking are the present and future. However, I have personally found this to be a cybersea of confusing, questionable, and often totally inaccurate information. I want to help Generation Y navigate this cybersea of information by linking my generation to reputable sources that are current, peer-reviewed, and evidence-based.

I want to write about medical concerns common to Gen Y, and will include links for further information from reputable sources so that you as readers can delve deeper if you choose.

I also feel that the most relevant medical and health issues facing Gen Y are often prevention issues so I also will be writing about lifestyle and behavioral topics that will help keep us well and empower us to protect our health.

We may be relatively young and feel healthy, but it’s important we treat our bodies the best that we possibly can now so that we will reach middle age in good shape.

So do what you do best: like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my RSS feed, and stay informed!



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