Generation Y: The Fulcrum for a Shift in the Fitness Paradigm

Generation Y: The Fulcrum for a Shift in the Fitness Paradigm

By Jacques Courseault, M.D.
Founder of

Although there is still a disconnect between healthy behaviors and longevity, if there were ever a generation that would change America’s health and fitness paradigm, Generation Y would be the one to bet on. We are smart, confident, casual, chill, and value life and family over work and money. Combine this personality with an evolving scientific conscience that promotes healthy living and you get a group of people that enjoy running with the latest GPS-tracking smartphone, who rarely eat fast food and pride themselves in knowing the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats.

Generation Y.

We grew up playing team sports. We rode bikes and rollerbladed until the street lights came on. We watched as people lost weight on reality TV shows. We learned that being excessively overweight is strongly linked to the development of serious health complications, and we witnessed the First Lady launch the “Let’s Move” campaign.

Now, we come home after work to play video games that only operate with physical movement. We continue to promote change in the food industry- ridding trans fats to provide healthy options when eating on the go.  We know at least one person you know has tried P90X or participated in a “Boot Camp.” And “we are sexy and we know it (we workout)!”

Ah, Generation Y.

As we begin to take over the world, serious change is underway. A shift in focus, or a recycling back towards what sustains us is happening. We can’t blame past generations, as they have all had difficult challenges to face, from economic crashes to racism. Not that those issues are obsolete, but learning to take care of ourselves, our family and our environment are becoming more of a forethought, and a priority. A time is coming where “primary prevention” isn’t just your doctor telling you to quit smoking, eat more vegetables and exercise as she walks out the exam room. Soon, healthcare will be more synonymous with fitness instead of sickness.

Generation Y.

We have built the strongest networks in the history of the world with the use of Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Between texting and blogging we can continue to encourage each other to make healthy choices. We can post our runs, seek motivation to complete marathons, show off our workouts on YouTube and share interesting health and fitness articles with a click of the Like button. Let’s take advantage of technology and combine it with our motivation to do what is good and right. Do your part and keep yourself and your family as healthy as possible. Workout for at least 20-minutes per day and strive to eat at least half a plate of fruits and vegetables with each meal.

In the end, we will all benefit…

Generation Y… Let’s get it done…

Bio: Jacques Courseault, M.D. is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, and founder of His site promotes practical fitness measures through informative articles and home workout programs.










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